Their was a plague that spread through the world. 10% of the world population died. Two years after the plague came the first 'meta' or 'super' humans. People who had somehow been changed giving them abilities beyond most people. However, most were not that far beyond others. Someone might have gained the power the generate fireworks from their fingertips or make water dance within a bowl. Most could hide what they could do if they even realized they had abilities.

That all changed when the first high profile case made the front page of every newspaper and TV in the world. A man calling himself 'Eon', though otherwise known as Ronald Grear, tried to rob a bank to get the money for his wife's medical treatment and ended up holding the bank hostage as the police arrived before he could finish. Another metahuman responded to the event when she saw it on TV and the first metahuman on metahuman combat occurred on live TV inside the bank. Her name was Carlie Adams and would be the first 'superhero'. 'Eon' was captured and as the police tried to arrest Carlie as a vigilantly she fled. She would go on to stop a few robbers and other criminals before the government got involved.

As metahumans started to pop up here and there, the governments first response was to capture those committing crimes and try to find out how they came to be and what made them work. After more than a year the government grew tired of vigilantes 'getting in the way' and called for any such 'heroes' to come forward. Carlie was one of those that did. None would ever be seen from again.

When the government came for those who did not come forward they came down with a hammer consisting of special forces agents and full military units, not police. Any metahuman defending themselves was branded a criminal and the media feed the general public a line about the dangers of anyone who showed 'powers'. Demonized and under threat of military reprisals the metas went underground.

THe government would then create SAINT, the Superhuman Advanced Intelligence and Neutralization Taskforce. Their sole job was to find and kill or capture all metahumans, 'good' or 'bad'. To do so they were given access to advanced technologies, some of which were created by studying metahumans. Most of their members are rabid human centrists, however others are just doing their jobs.

Will you be a SAINT or a metahuman? Will you be 'good' or give in to the temptations of power and commit asks of evil? Step into the world of SAINT and find out!